Here you can Download my current DorimanX and APOLO JB kernels for SII (i9100) and Mostock KK Kernel for A6000. SII has become an old device now but still a great device. Most of the devs has now either stopped developing new builds or moved to other devices. So I'll be building new builds till my S2 is alive at my end.


Samsung Galaxy SII (i9100)

Dorimanx JB 4.1.2 Kernel


APOLO JB 4.1.2 Kernel


Lenovo A6000\A6000 Plus

MoStock KK Kernel(EOL - Development stopped)


Authors and Contributors

Current Maintainer of the branches chhapil

Original Author and all the credits go to

dorimanx for Dorimanx Kernel for SII

pedestre for APOLO Kernel for SII